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Memorial Day Member-Member

  • 05/22/2020
  • 8:00 AM
  • 05/24/2020



 Open to all primary members. Non-Primary members are eligible if the event is not full.

  1. $100/Player Entry Fee - Paid at registration in The Pro Shop payable to Golf Professional. Pick Your Own Partner. Entry fee includes golf, prize payouts, and food (Fri/Sun). Carts Additional.

  2. Event Date & Time: Friday, May 22 - Sunday, May 24, 2020  - 8 AM Shotgun Start

  3. Deadline for entries is on Tuesday, May 19, 2020 at 5 PM. 

Rules, Format & Scoring

  1. Each 2-Man Team will be playing 9 Holes Friday and 18 Holes Saturday/Sunday from the HCC Blue/Gold Course at 90% of their Course Handicap at the time of entries deadline. 9 Hole Handicaps will be calculated by using 85% of the 18 Hole Handicap, rounded up and then cut in half. Players will receive 100% Handicap stroking off the low in each match. 

  2. 5 Flights comprised of 6 Teams based on Handicaps. Each 2-Man Team will play five 9 Hole Matches against other teams within their flight. Each hole in any match is scored with a +/o/- and the difference in holes won vs. holes lost for any team is recorded as the match result.  The winning team is responsible for reporting the result of the match to the Professional Staff immediately after the match completion and then must go directly to the starting hole of their next match. A maximum of 3 holes won or lost may be recorded as the match result. (Example:  A match which results in one team winning four more holes than another would be recorded as +3 for the winners and –3 for the losers.) All ties within Flights for Final Results shall be broken by the teams’ head to head match. If that match was a tie, the team with the greater number of 3 point victories shall prevail, followed by 2 point victories, etc.

  3. Overall Champion will be determined with a Shoot Out consisting of one (1) team from each flight. Shoot Out Format : Strokes in the shootout will be given out at 100% off of the low 9-hole tournament handicap remaining at the start of any hole.  Any team not matching the low net score on any shootout hole will be eliminated and the last team standing will be the Champions.  The Shootout will begin on Hole #6 followed by #1 and then to #6 and will follow that sequence until the champion is determined.  Order of play in the Shootout will be determined by Tournament Point Total.



Fri, Round 1:

1 vs. 6

2 vs. 5

3 vs. 4

Sat, Round 2:

1 vs. 5

2 vs. 4

3 vs. 6

Sat, Round 3:

1 vs. 4

2 vs. 3

5 vs. 6

Sun, Round 4:

1 vs. 3

2 vs. 6

4 vs. 5

Sun, Round 5:

1 vs. 2

3 vs. 5

4 vs. 6

Projected Prize Payouts In Pro Shop Credit - Subject To Change Based On Field Size

  • Pool 1st Place:   $600 Team / $150 Per Player Pro Shop Credit
  • Pool 2nd Place:  $300 Team / $75 Per Player Pro Shop Credit


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