Spring 2024 Rates (Guests and Public)


9-Holes:   $38

18-Holes: $55

Friday, Weekends &

9-Holes:   $38

18-Holes: $55

Golf Cart Fees (Per Rider)

9-Holes:   $11

18-Holes: $22

*Seniors (Hopedale Resident Only) (65+): $33 for 9-holes/$45 for 18-holes (does not apply to leagues)

*Juniors (12 – 18 years old): $33 for 9-holes/$45 for 18-holes (Mon-Thur. before 3:00 pm, Sat/Sun/Holidays after 3pm).

Golf Cart Fees    ** Must Have valid Driver’s License to rent and operate an electric golf cart


Public Play

Monday -Thursday – 7:00am to 3:00pm for 9-holes, 7 am to 12:45 for 18-holes

Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays at the discretion of the Pro Shop after 3:00pm until closing, you must call the Pro Shop, 508-473-9876 for availability.

The general public may book a tee time up to five days in advance for Monday thru Thursday tee times.

Public and guest players must sign in and pay the greens fee at the Pro Shop before going to the 1st tee.

No public or guest play is allowed if the Clubhouse is not open.

Public/Guest tickets/receipts must be displayed at all times or be provided upon request.

Alcoholic beverages not purchased from HCC are NOT allowed on the golf course at any time.

Children under age 12 are not allowed on the golf course unless accompanied by an adult and approved by the Golf Professional.

    Golf Attire

    Men: Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, and golf shorts up to 6 inches above the knees. Attire that is NOT acceptable includes tee shirts, tank tops, fish-net tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, blue jeans, tennis shorts, swimwear, and athletic shorts.

    Women: Slacks, golf shorts up to 6 inches above the knees, skirts, dresses, and golf shirts. Attire that is NOT acceptable includes halter tops, tank tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, blue jeans, tennis shorts, swimwear, and athletic shorts.

    Pace of Play

    Players must maintain an average Pace of Play of 14 minutes per hole, or:  

     2 hours 6 minutes for nine holes 

    4 hours 12 minutes for eighteen holes.  

    Golf Cart Rules

    Golf carts may only be operated by licensed drivers who have paid a cart fee.

    Carts cannot be parked or driven closer than thirty (30) yards from all greens and aprons except when on a cart path. Roped off areas and cart signs supersede the thirty (30) yard rule.

    Golf cart drivers must utilize cart paths on the 3rd/12th, 6th/15, and 9th/18th holes.

    Golf cart drivers must comply with all cart signs and avoid roped off and wet areas.

    Players may only ride in a golf cart if they have paid the applicable cart fee.

    Players must use care and caution to secure golf carts when not in motion.

    Pull carts should not be driven or placed on greens or tees.



    Handicap flag privileges are reserved for players who have a debilitating medical condition that does not allow them to comply with the standard cart rules.

    The Club Pro or Assistant will have the authority to grant or deny a request for a handicap  flag on a day-to-day basis due to weather or course condition.

    Carts cannot be parked closer than thirty (30) feet from all tee, green, and aprons except when on a cart path.

    Any area that appears to be wet or is marked must be avoided, particularly the 6th/15th hole.

    Should the Greens Superintendent ban carts for any given hole(s), except for cart paths, this shall also apply to carts with handicap privileges. Should a player not be able to walk out to their ball in this situation, they may skip the hole and take a score for the hole based on equitable stroke control rules (ESC).

    Golfers must use cart paths when traveling to and from the green wherever possible.

    Whenever possible the 90-degree rule should be used, particularly on holes with cart paths, including the 3rd/12th, 6th/15th and 9th/18th holes.

    The handicap flag privilege applies only to the handicap applicant and not to a passenger in the same cart.

    Carts must have the handicap flag mounted to qualify for handicap privileges.