Hopedale CC Women’s Golf Association

Our Purpose

To promote greater participation of all women members in the planning and play in golf events, leagues, and tournaments, as well as regular golf. It is also the intent of the WGA to increase the level of camaraderie and fellowship of golf for women of all levels of play through sponsoring charity event and social activities.

 Our Mission

  • Help, guide, mentor, and teach women about the game of golf, course rules, and etiquette.
  • Encourage play among, and across all levels.
  • Reinforce golf as a sport of integrity, personal challenge, and camaraderie.
  • Maintain the elements of FUN while playing.

About the Association


The Association was formally started in 2005 with elected officers from the membership and continues to thrive today. In additional to golf related activities, the Association supports the club and local communities:

  • Several years of hosting a tournament in support of breast cancer research.
  • Planning and hosting the Annual Childrens Holiday party in December.
  • Providing support and outreach to members and their families.

Women’s Leagues

Wednesday Night League

Cost: $100 for the season (prizes and chip-ins) Cart fees separate. Non-members pay greens fees.
GHIN: Strongly suggested (can be purchased thru Pro Shop)
Start time: 4:00pm
Format: Weekly signup. Pairings and game format change weekly
Games formats rotated to help you ‘focus’ on your skills to improve your overall play. All play levels
Open to: Members and non-members. Non-members pay $35 greens fees and cart fees if needed.

Thursday Morning League

Cost: Cart fees separate. Non-members pay greens fees. weekly $ for chip-in pool?
GHIN: Not required (can be purchased thru Pro Shop)
Start time: 8:30 am (varies slightly at start and end of season)
Format: Weekly signup. Pairings and game format change weekly
Open to: Members and non-members. Non-members pay $35 greens fees and cart fees if needed.
Contact: Pat DiPietropolo – patdma@comcast.net, 508-353-7516

Other contacts 

HCC Women’s Association

President: Christine Gaffney – chrisg5354@yahoo.com, 508-498-6769
Vice-President: Kathy Cunningham – khcpharmd@yahoo.com, 508-527-8123
Treasurer: Jen Bachman – loveobx61@yahoo.com
Golf Committee Chair: Susan Sheehan sushee84@gmail.com, 508-667-5833
Worcester County Women’s Association: wcwga.org, Local Contact – Paula Galligan (508-320-0121)
LPGA Amateur Golf Association-Boston: LPGA Boston Chapter

General Information and Expectations


Women at Hopedale CC respect and abide by the rules of the club (details on the website)

  • Signing in at the Pro Shop upon arrival (even if you are here for League Play)
  • Proper Golf Attire
  • Golf Cart Usage Rules

Three rules respect our membership and our course:

Pace of Play

  • Course standard is 14 minutes per hole; 2 hrs, 6 mins for 9 holes, 4 hrs, 12 mins for 18 holes.
  • Be early – you should be at, or moving to, the first tee box 10 minutes before your tee time.
  • Be ready – plan your next shot as you approach it. Look at distance markers, lie, elevation, etc. to determine yardage and the selection of the club you will use.
  • Focus, and keep up to, the group ahead of you, not those behind you.
  • Be prepared to play ‘Ready Golf’. Announce out of order play so all are aware.
  • If there is a lost ball in your group, hit your shot first, then go to help look.
  • In carts; separate. Go to the first ball position, drop off that player and take the cart to the 2 nd ball.
  • Use, and announce, a Provisional ball if you think your ball may be out of bounds or lost.


  • Be aware of where you (and your shadow) are relative to your playing partners; avoid being in their way on the course, but especially on the green (sight lines)
  • Silence cell phones, and do not take calls while on the course.
  • If your ball appears headed toward another player yell “Fore!” to warn them of the incoming ball.

Course maintenance

  • Keep carts on the paths and follow signs. Hole 6 is cart path only.
  • Fix divots (replace or use fill mix)
  • Look for and fix pitch marks on the greens. (fix yours + 1)
  • Rake bunkers; ball and foot marks
  • Do not roll or place your pushcarts on the green or first-cut around the green.