Six Month Payment Plans for 2024

For current members there will be two options this year for six month payment plans, PayPal and ACH debit withdrawal.

Follow the instructions below to choose the PayPay option.

Select your membership level below by using the drop down arrow to enroll in your six month payment plan paid by a credit card. The first drop down box is for members under 65 and their corresponding membership level. The second drop down box is for members 65 and over and their corresponding membership level.

2024 Under 65 Membership Levels
2024 Senior Membership Classes Only


ACH Instructions

To enroll in an ACH debit withdrawal, select the ACH authorization that corresponds to your membership level. Print and fill out the form. Include a voided check if possible. Mail the form in care of the following: Tony Farrell, Financial Secretary, 144 Laurelwood Drive, Hopedale, MA 01747 or drop off in the Clubhouse mailbox near the front entrance. Please send in your authorization form by February 15, 2024.