Tee Time Protocols

    1. All Primary Members can make a tee time starting at 12:00am, eight (8) days in advance (e.g., Friday, April 15 could make a tee time for Friday, April 22)
    2. All non-Primary Members can make a tee time starting at 12:00am, five (5) days in advance (e.g., Friday, April 15 could make a tee time for Tuesday, April 19th)
    3. Public:
      • Public Play, Restricted to
        • Monday – Thursday, 7:00am to 3:00pm
        • Fridays – 7:00am to 12:00pm
        • Sun. and Holidays at the discretion of the Pro Shop after 3:00pm until closing
          • All non-Primary members (Juniors and Spouses) have daily Restricted playing times if not playing with a primary member.
            • All Primary members can make a tee time when tee is open.
          • Monday – Thursday = 7:00am to 3:00pm & After 6:00pm
          • Friday = 7:00am to 12:00pm & After 6:00pm
          • Saturday, Sunday, Holidays = After 2:00pm
        • Can make Tee Time Reservations five (5) days in advance and has restricted playing time.
      1. Trading or hoarding of tee times will not be tolerated and will be monitored by the Pro Shop Staff
      2. A golfer, who reserves a tee time, but fails to arrive and register at the Pro Shop at least 15 minutes prior to that reserved tee time, cannot be guaranteed their tee time slot.
      3. Any golfers wishing to cancel their tee time must cancel online or notify the Pro Shop at least 1 hour prior to their reserved tee time. Failing to notify the Pro Shop three (3) times during a season will forfeit any future eligibility to use the automated tee time system for up to the remainder of the golf season. The decision of the Pro Shop personnel is final for the administration of this policy at the Golf Course.
      4. Non-Member Junior Golfers – Must be 12 to 18 years of age.
      5. Accredited Junior Members under age of 12 at discretion of Pro.
        • Children under age 12 are not allowed on the golf course unless accompanied by an adult and approved by the Golf Professional
      6. All golfers must check in at the Pro Shop desk prior to teeing off.
      7. Spectators are NOT permitted on the course without the approval of the Golf Professional.
      8. Spectators are not allowed to take a cart if not playing.


    • All  tee times should be booked online. BOOK TEE TIMES